Four main cross slides
6th station cut off slide
Main hexagon block
Machine mounted control panel with ‘Star Delta’ automatic starter.
15 HP (11 kW) foot mounted motor
6th station single bar feed with auto stop mechanism.
Complete coolant system, splash guards and work lighting.
Tool kit and setting gauges Lined stock carriage
Set of solid collets, feed fingers and steady bushes
Sets of standard feed and speed gears
Available in a variety of sizes: 5/8″ – 6, 1″ – 6, 1-3/8″ – 6, 2-1/4″ – 6, 2-5/8″ – 6, 3-1/4″ – 6


Design features, including the ‘ no cam change’ which secure smooth running at fast production rates.
The machine enables efficient handling of medium and large batch production to be achieved without the necessity of cam manufacture and storage

Technical Parameters

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