MANURHIN K‘MX SWING is designed for machining complex parts from bar material up to Ø 26 (*Ø 32) mm.
K’MX SWING machines enable machining a workpiece with up to 4 tools simultaneously and sliding headstock with the stroke 250 mm enables to machine simultaneously several parts on one clamping. There are available 23 toolpositions. Because 14 of these position can be driven, the Swing can machine in one operation the most complex parts, which many companies today machine in several operations at various types of machine tools.
*necessary to adjust end of the bars to Ø 29 mm


Big advantage is turning or milling with up to free tools on the main spindle and finishing operations on the counter spindle simultaneously. Optionally each tool rack can be equipped with gearbox for powered tools. The machine is typically equipped with an automatic 3 m bar feeder with encoder and magazine. Easy and quick tool change with the compatible tool holder cartridge system.

Technical Parameters

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