Sliding headstock automatic lathe MANURHIN K‘MX 732 EVO is designed for productive machining of parts from the bars of maximum diameter 32 mm. As the spindle bore diameter is 37 mm, there is no modification of the end of the bar for bar feeder collet needed.
Machine is equipped in standard with two electro spindles, rotary guide bush synchronized by pulleys and belts with main spindle. Seven linear CNC axes (X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Y3, Z1, Z2) and two rotary axes (C1, C2) enable to machine with high productivity the simple as well as complex parts.
Construction solution enables of use up to 3 tools at the same time.


Big advantage of this model is possibility of parallel turning or milling with two tools at the same time. Optionally the machine can be equipped with motorized tools on both of rear or front tool rack.
The stroke of the main spindle enables to use the machine for turning of shafts up to 400 mm on one clamping. MANURHIN K’MX 732 EVO is typically delivered with automatic bar feeder with encoder and magazine for 3m bars. The parts over 170 mm long are possible to be evacuated from the machine only through the counter spindle.
The maximum length of the part is limited theoretically only by the length of the bar. The easy setup of tools on tool rack enables the successful use of this machine for the batches starting by hundreds of pieces.

Technical Parameters

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