All machine specifications available with SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D or FANUC 30i CNC control systems
Range Available with up to 20 controllable axes
Design maintains the rigidity of the WICKMAN conventional cam operated machine
The flexibility of the modular slide concept and software design, allows the WICKMAN technical team to specify machines to suit the needs of the customer
Modular slide designs, allow existing users to have their WICKMAN machines converted to meet present machining requirements
Machine software equipped for ISO programming
All machines are equipped with a minimum of 18kw main spindle motor with high torque servo motors to meet machining to its maximum capacity
Improved machine flexibility
Dramatic reduction in component setting times from the cam operated machine
The ability to machine difficult materials
Standard ISO carbide indexable inserts, that reduce tooling costs


The design of the machine software is very user friendly for non-CNC users.
Simple ISO programming by channels/paths
Machine software manages all individual part programmes in automatic cycle
Machine software allows setters to prove out each individual slide in test mode
Cutting tools are set in each channel/path using tool geometry offsets
Tool wear offset adjustment can be performed whilst the machine is in production through the controls channel/paths
The machines software generates part programme format, with setters/operators complete the tool movement in each channel/pat
Part programmes can be prepared off-line using Microsoft WordPad and then inserted to the machine by memory sticks.

Technical Parameters

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