Swiss automatic lathe MANURHIN K‘MX 916 CLEVER is determined for productive machining of parts from bar material of diameter 16 mm (optionaly up to 20 mm).
Machine is in standard equipped with two electrospindles with maximum spindle speed 12 000 rpm and rotary guide bush, synchronized with main spindle by pulleys and belts. Nine linear CNC axes (X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Y3, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4) and two rotary CNC axes (C1, C2), enable to machine very productively also the complex parts.
Thanks to its design solution the machine can work with up to 4 tools in one time.


Machine is equipped by turret Baruffaldi with 12 position tool disc for VDI 20 tool holders. All12 positions can be motorized. Thanks to Z4 axis can turret together with upper tool rack not only do rough turning and finishing in one time, but can do also two different turning operations or two different milling or drilling operations on main spindle.
Axial tool rack is also equipped with live tools for extra axial drilling. Stroke of main spindle enables to turn the parts up to 220 mm on one clamping. Optionally it is possible to eject the parts through the counter spindle. The length of part is limited literally by the length of the bar.
Together with the machine we deliver automatic bar feeder with encoder and magazine for 3 or eventually 4 m bars.

Technical Parameters

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