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European Turning Technologies Co., Ltd is a wholly foreign owned enterprise, set up by Tajmac Group, in German Industrial Park, KUNSHAN, China. It aims to bring advanced European turning technologies and multi-spindle lathes into the China market.
Wickman and Tajmac have been well known in European and American markets for the high-performance Multi-spindle Lathes. The 6-spindle and 8-spindle Lathes can be widely used in automobile parts, aerospace parts, hardware, small bar parts, plumbing and other industries.  Multi-spindle machines, regardless cam or CNC types, can be used for either processing bar or forging workpieces. They are many times more efficient and productive as compared to their counterparts. There is a limited number of such machines in China, most of them are brought into China and used only by foreign invested companies, while this technology is common in Europe and US, and the technology evolved and advanced over the last 70 years, against single spindle CNC machines and low cost labor. ETT's initial responsibilities include distributing equipment and parts manufactured by ZPS and Wickman and their affiliated companies, proving services and training the existing and potential users, and eventually building Multi-spindle machines in China. The new Kunshan plant invested by Tajmac group, with the construction area of 6,277 Square Meters, will be used for Wickman ACW model manufacture and Mori-Say TMZ518 CNC assembly. 

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